SINERSA delivers groceries to the San Juan de Viscas and Ravira communities

2020-09-13T21:38:22-05:0013 September, 2020|

This donation will help the communities to face the state of health emergency due to Covid-19. Sindicato Energético S.A. (SINERSA), a company dedicated to the generation of electrical energy with renewable resources, delivered groceries to the rural communities San Juan de Viscas and Ravira, which belong to the district of Pacaraos, Huaral-Lima, as part of the [...]

Access to Education: Internet service financed by SINERSA benefits students from the Ravira Rural Community

2020-09-01T11:13:59-05:001 September, 2020|

The installed internet service is satellite, with a bandwidth of 30M, which allows undergraduate and higher level students of the C.C. Ravira access to educational digital platforms.  In the C.C. Ravira, which is located at more than 3,000 m.a.s.l. and it belongs to the district of Pacaraos, province of Huaral - Lima, there is a multigrade [...]

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