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Reinforcement program in Mathematics and Communication benefits students from the rural communities of Ravira and Viscas

2020-07-31T00:14:06+00:0031 July, 2020|Categories: Sin categoría|

Students from the Ravira and Viscas communities, where there are multigrade schools at the primary and secondary levels, benefited from the Reinforcement program in Mathematics and communication. This educational program, financed by Sindicato Energético S.A. (SINERSA), was developed in order to optimize the skills in mathematics and communication, as well as the communication skills and self-esteem [...]

SCHOLARSHIPS SINERSA: Five new beneficiaries start studies at UDEP

2020-05-19T23:39:31+00:0019 May, 2020|Categories: Sin categoría|

Five students with limited financial resources and good academic skills join the SINERSA Scholarships program this 2020, they will study a professional career at the University of Piura (UDEP). The new scholars have begun studies in Civil Engineering, Industrial and Systems Engineering, and Electrical Mechanical Engineering. Mr. Branislav Zdravkovic, General Manager of Sindicato Energético S.A. (SINERSA), [...]

SINERSA develops a solid waste management workshop in the communities of Ravira and Viscas

2020-04-14T01:12:58+00:0014 April, 2020|Categories: Sin categoría|

In order to educate and promote an environmental recycling culture, SINERSA developed a workshop on the proper management of solid waste in the communities of Ravira and San Juan de Viscas, which belong to the Pacaraos district, Huaral province, where our Central operates. Chancay hydroelectric plant. Four sessions were held, in which theoretical and practical knowledge [...]

Support for older adults

2020-02-10T15:07:28+00:0010 February, 2020|Categories: Sin categoría|

Within the social work activities, SINERSA made donations of baskets with groceries to the Senior Adults of the San Francisco de Asís Nursing Home (in Sullana) and the House of the Elderly Adult My captive (in Piura). This donation consists of four baskets with food for each center of care for the elderly. Mother Ana Teresa [...]

Sindicato Energético S.A. absorbs Coordinadora Proyecto Chancay S.A.C.

2020-01-16T18:05:50+00:0016 January, 2020|Categories: Sin categoría|

After the merger by absorption, Sindicato Energético S.A. (SINERSA) assumes universally the entire heritage, rights, obligations, assets and liabilities of the company Coordinadora Proyecto Chancay S.A.C. As a result of this merger by absorption, the workers of the company Coordinadora Proyecto Chancay S.A.C. become part of the SINERSA payroll, effective from 01.01.2020

SINERSA contributors receive first aid training

2020-01-16T16:50:06+00:0016 January, 2020|Categories: Sin categoría|

Faced with a medical emergency situation, such as fainting or choking, knowing how to act in the first minutes is very important to save a person's life. For this reason, SINERSA employees, who work in Piura, Lima Offices and in the Huaral’s  highlands, receive first aid training, as part of the "Emergency Medical Response" Plan. This [...]

SINERSA entrega becas a hijos de agricultores para que estudien en la UDEP

2019-09-19T20:25:59+00:0019 September, 2019|Categories: Sin categoría|

Cinco estudiantes de escasos recursos económicos acceden al programa de educación superior “Becas SINERSA en la Universidad de Piura”.Los jóvenes beneficiarios de SINERSA para el presente año 2019 son Juan Manuel Ronaldho Abanto Mendoza, que estudiará la carrera de Administración de Empresas; Kevin Joao Bernal Aquino y Billy Franck Toro Atoche, la carrera de Ingeniería Civil; [...]

Mujeres de la Comunidad Campesina de Ravira se benefician con talleres de tejido

2019-10-07T16:00:30+00:0019 September, 2019|Categories: Sin categoría|

Las prendas son exhibidas en una feria organizada por el Comité de Mujeres de la Comunidad Sindicato Energético S.A. (SINERSA) busca empoderar a las mujeres de la Comunidad Campesina María Magdalena de Ravira, a través del programa gratuito de tejido, cuyo objetivo principal es mejorar las condiciones de vida de las mujeres ravireñas a través [...]