Safety, Occupational Health and the Environment are fundamental aspects for an optimal business management. Therefore, we are committed to work under the increasingly stringent standards of regulations in these matters.

Safety and Health

We focus our efforts on protecting the physical, mental and social integrity of our workers. Therefore, our occupational safety and health policy is governed by Law No. 29783 and its Regulations.

Our main objective in the Occupational Health and Safety System is to prevent accidents at work and occupational diseases through the improvement of working conditions. We are in constant process of improvement to maintain the record of minimum incidence of occupational accidents.


We consider the environmental care an institutional value. For this reason, we are committed to respecting the environment, appreciating and valuing it, complying with the laws to avoid any negative impact on our operations.

Reglamento Interno de Seguridad y Salud en el Trabajo SSOMA – 2021