Areas of influence:

  • Curumuy Hydroelectric power station
  • Poechos 1 Hydroelectric power station
  • Poechos 2 Hydroelectric power station

Since 2004, we define CSR priorities in the Piura region.

  • We electrify the homes located in the hamlets surrounding Poechos for the benefit of all families.
  • We implemented the Successful Schools program in partnership with the Peruvian Institute of Business Administration (IPAE), to improve learning rates.
  • With the aim of contributing to job training, we created the Sinersa scholarship in agreement with the Piura College. This program benefits 5 young people with proven academic performance.
  • We arranged an agreement with SENATI to complete its students training through pre-professional and professional practices.


  • Chancay – Huaral Hydroelectric power station

We develop social responsibility activities in the Ravira and Viscas communities (Huaral mountain chain), according to framework agreements.

Nowadays, we have carried out the following actions in coordination with the communal directives:

  • A participatory diagnosis to know the current state of the area of influence and its inhabitants needs.
  • We trained teachers in charge of the Reader plan program.
  • Aware of the importance of sport in school education, we built a sports slab in Ravira’s school.
  • We are committed to improving the health indicators of the area. Therefore, we carry out an integral health campaign every year.
  • We support the Pacaraos highway annual maintenance due to its importance for the socioeconomic activities of the area.
  • To encourage the community integration and the claim of its cultural heritage, we collaborate in the organization of the Viscas and Ravira annual patronal celebrations.
  • We provide support to mothers’ clubs in the Viscas and Ravira communities.
  • We celebrate the Christmas holidays by organizing chocolate milk parties for the Viscas and Ravira children.