Maestro 21 Program: Contributes to education in the Piura region

Piura, October 2022.- Inadequate and deficient education is one of the key and main problems of our country, which directly and negatively influences all Peruvians. These educational problems are even deeper and more visible in rural areas, and after two years of the pandemic, the gaps have increased.

According to the Piura Regional Directorate of Education (Drep), Piura registered the highest number of students who dropped out of the school year due to Covid-19. “For this reason, it is important to contribute to improving education in our country through programs that impact the quality of life of people and the development of the entire region,” said Branislav Zdravkovic, General Manager of SINERSA, a Peruvian company dedicated to the construction works for electricity generation.

According to Zdravkovic, the social programs promoted by companies in the region reduce learning gaps in rural areas and ensure a good start in education for all children regardless of the area or the family in which they were born.

Zdravkovic commented that SINERSA is working on projects such as the pilot program “Teacher 21: Transform a School”, which seeks to train teachers from the rural areas of Sullana and Piura and is carried out in a strategic alliance with the Innova Teaching higher education school. School (ITS).

To date, 21 teachers from the I.E. Mario Vargas Llosa, from the Chilaco Pelados farmhouse in Lancones – Sullana, and from the I.E. 20149, from San Juan de Curumuy in Piura; They have completed these trainings for which they received their certificates and a recognition plaque at a closing event that took place at the University of Piura (UDEP).

“All these results inspire us to continue working in our areas of direct influence. And although the challenge of having other companies join this cause in these deprived areas continues, the commitment of our company remains and makes the greatest obstacles overcome with enthusiasm”, said Zdravkovic.

SINERSA executes a series of actions focused on improving education in the region, such as scholarship programs at UDEP, sponsorships at SENATI, donations of computer equipment and library modules, among others.

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