SINERSA delivers groceries to the San Juan de Viscas and Ravira communities

  • This donation will help the communities to face the state of health emergency due to Covid-19.

Sindicato Energético S.A. (SINERSA), a company dedicated to the generation of electrical energy with renewable resources, delivered groceries to the rural communities San Juan de Viscas and Ravira, which belong to the district of Pacaraos, Huaral-Lima, as part of the social support to face to the state of health emergency due to Covid-19.

This was announced by Ing. Branislav Zdravkovic, general manager of SINERSA, who also mentioned that this support was requested by the Communal Presidents of both communities.

“The both Pesidents requested groceries supplies instead of funds to carry out their patron saint festivities, support contemplated in the framework agreements for servitude, since the festivities or celebrations were prohibited due to the health emergency,” said Ing. Branislav Zdravkovic.

It should be noted that, due to the declaration of the state of health emergency due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Presidents of San Juan de Viscas and Ravira communities activated the control in their gates, preventing community members from leaving their communities and that people foreigners enter, to avoid the risk of contagion by the coronavirus.

The president of the Community of Ravira, the community member Edwar Simón Garay, mentioned that they asked SINERSA to donate and transfer groceries to their community in exchange for the funds allocated for the celebration of patron saint festivities. “In this way, our community members remain at the limit of the high risk of contracting the coronavirus,” added community member Edwar Simón.

For his part, the president of the San Juan de Viscas Community, the community member Santiago Naupa Barrientos, was satisfied and grateful for the groceries  donation. “We thank SINERSA for having accepted our request for groceries, which directly benefits our community members,” said Santiago Naupa.

September 2020.

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