SINERSA drives Environmental Awareness and Education project in Piura and Sullana

Piura. In a joint effort to promote environmental awareness in the communities near its operations, the Peruvian company Sindicato Energético S.A. (SINERSA) has launched a pilot project for Environmental Awareness and Education 2024.

This initiative has materialized in the Javier Heraud educational institutions in San Curumuy and San Vicente de Piedra Rodada, in coordination with Ugel Piura and Ugel Sullana, respectively. In addition, it has been extended to the Juan Velasco Alvarado Population Center in Piura and San Vicente de Piedra Rodada in Sullana, communities that are within the area of direct influence of the SINERSA hydroelectric plants.

The program, divided into three strategic phases, seeks to generate a positive impact on local environmental management and promote sustainable practices in the population. In the first stage, carried out in April 2024, training on solid waste segregation has been carried out both in educational institutions and in the villages involved. In addition, environmental volunteers have been appointed in schools, who will play an active role in the implementation of program activities. As part of this initial phase, SINERSA has donated colored containers to establish solid waste collection centers in each participating school and village.

The second stage, scheduled for June 2024, includes carrying out cleaning and reforestation campaigns in educational institutions and selected hamlets, as well as a commemorative parade for World Environment Day. This event seeks to actively involve the community in the protection and preservation of its natural environment.

Finally, in November 2024, the third and final phase of the program will take place, which will consist of a parade and a recycling campaign called “Ecotrueque.” This activity aims to encourage citizen participation in the recycling of materials and promote the circular economy in the beneficiary communities.

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