SINERSA SCHOLARSHIPS: Six young people access the “Sinersa Scholarships at UDEP – 2021”

Farmers`s Children  with limited economic resources and good academic skills access the Sinersa Scholarship program in 2021, which will allow them to study a professional career at the University of Piura (UDEP).

The new beneficiaries of the “Sinersa Scholarships at Udep” program for 2021 are Sofía Isabel Meca Cruz, who will study Accounting and Auditing; Kelia Sabalú Cisneros, the Initial Education career; Norma Jeaneth Huamán Berru, the Architecture degree; Renzo Abel Chero Cayetano, Adriana Marisol Ruiz Lizano and Kalos Alberto Nole Ordinola, the Industrial and Systems Engineering degree.

Ing. Branislav Zdravkovic, General Manager of Sindicato Energético S.A. (SINERSA), highlighted the commitment of its represented in the development of this educational program that promotes higher education in young people with limited economic resources, despite the harsh situation that is being experienced by the Covid-19 pandemic.

“With the Sinersa Scholarship program, which continues despite the difficult situation caused by Covid-19, we contribute to higher education, through the university training of high academic performance students from the towns surrounding the hydroelectric plants from Curumuy and Poechos ”, said Ing. Branislav Zdravkovic.

It is worth noting that within this scholarship program there will be 25 beneficiaries who will study different professional careers at the prestigious University of Piura, which has 15 graduates to date.

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