SINERSA will award scholarships for university studies at the UDEP to children of farmers

Sindicato Energético S.A. (SINERSA), in agreement with the Piura’s University (UDEP),  will award five scholarships to the children of farmers and two scholarships to the children of its workers so that they can continue higher education at this university.

This was announced by the General Manager of SINERSA, Eng. Branislav Zdravkovic, who also indicated that this scholarship program seeks to promote higher education opportunities for students with limited economic resources so that they can study for a professional career.

According to Mr. Branislav Zdravkovic, the call has been made through the Users’ Boards of Piura, which is the first filter, to ensure that the scholarships are effectively intended for children of farmers.

Applicants must be of limited economic resources, be among the top five in the school where they finished their high school and their attorney must be up to date with the payment of the water right in the user board to which they belong, described the SINERSA’s General Manager .

“This scholarship covers the academic expenses during the entire career in one of the best universities in the Piura region and in the country, such as UDEP”, highlighted Mr. Branislav Zdravkovic.

Selection process:

Applicants must register with the user boards of Piura: Sechura, Middle and Lower Piura, and Chira Irrigation Boards, and have a deadline of September 26, 2022. Then, SINERSA will carry out a socioeconomic evaluation through visits to applicants’ homes. And, finally, applicants will take the TAA Admission exam at UDEP, scheduled for November 5, 2022.

It should be noted that the new scholarship holders will be added to the 22 beneficiaries who are currently studying scholarships at the UDEP – Piura campus. This scholarship program began in 2004 with the signing of an agreement between SINERSA and UDEP, which to date has required an investment of 2.5 million soles from SINERSA.

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